Recent Calls
Sat. Feb 6th 2021
At 04:56hrs Station 34 was dispatched to a possible structure fire. Car 1 signed on and 911 updated the incident to a possible furnace malfunction. 34-1, 34-2 and 34-11 arrived on scene to find nothin...
Thu. Feb 4th 2021
At 07:35hrs Station 34 was dispatched on a 1st Alarm AMA to the Cuddebackville Fire District for a reported structure fire in Deer Park Manor. 34-11 and 34-1 arrived 1st due to find all residents eva...
Sat. Jan 30th 2021
At 13:09hrs Station 34 was dispatched to a fully involved structure fire on Haven Road. Otisville was dispatched on our 1st alarm AMA with an Engine and a Tanker. 34-31 and 34-2 arrived on scene to fi...
Tue. Jan 26th 2021
At 14:43hrs Station 34 was dispatched to a working structure fire on Martin Road in the Huguenot Fire District. 34-31 arrived on scene at the 3rd due mutual aid Tanker. 1st due companies had the fire ...
Thu. Dec 17th 2020
At 04:22hrs Station 34 was dispatched mutual aid to Cuddebackville for a working structure fire. Road conditions were in poor shape due to heavy snow and winds. 34-31 arrived as the 3rd due apparatus....
News Headlines
Sun. Jul 8th 2018
Station 34 held a mutual aid drill on Pump and Tanker Operations. Otisville, Cuddebackville, Summitville and Wurtsboro attended the training which involved 25 Firefighters. Drivers were able to work o...
Wed. Jun 20th 2018
The Engine and a crew attended a live burn drill in Summitville. 34-11 and 34-3 were used at a Tanker fill site. We had both new and older pump operators get some training time in.
Thu. Jun 7th 2018
Station 34 Officers and Members would like to welcome Mike Petitti to the Westbrookville Volunteer Fire Company. Firefighter Petitti comes with many years of experience as he served as a Firefighter w...
Tue. Feb 14th 2017
Station 34 hosted the February meeting of the Sullivan County Volunteer Firefighters Association. We would like to thank eveyone who came to the meeting last night. For more information on the Associa...
Mon. Feb 13th 2017
The Officers and Members would like to congratulate Firefighter Giraldi on his recent recertification of his New York State EMT. The recertification class ran from September through January at the Ora...
Call History
Tanker and Engine To Cuddebackville Structure Fire
Sat. Mar 16th 2019

At 21:24hrs Station 34 was dispatched for the Tanker to the scene of a structure fire on Route 209 in Cuddebackville. Upon arrival on scene and checking with Cuddebackville Command for orders (Huguenot Car 1) asked if Station 34 could send the Engine to set up a fill site on Port Orange Road. Sullivan Fire was contacted for the request and the Engine was dispatched. 34-31 was given orders to supply Cuddebackville's Tanker. After dropping the 1st load of water, 34-31 went to the fill site on Port Orange Road. 34-11 had just established the draft and filled 34-31. 34-31 returned to the scene and waited for Otisville's Tanker to head to the fill site and once again supplied Cuddebackville's Tanker. 34-31 hit the fill site again and returned to the scene and was held by Command until released. 

Wurstboro was on stand by at Station 34 with an Engine. All units were back in service at 23:20hrs.

34-1, 34-2, 34-3, 34-11, 34-31 and 34-62 responded.

396 entries in the Call History

396 entries in the Call History

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