Recent Calls
Sat. Nov 21st 2020
At 17:13hrs Station 34 was dispatched for the Engine and manpower to standby at the Summitville Fire Station. Summitville was operating at a structure fire in their district. 34-1 and 34-11 responded....
Thu. Nov 19th 2020
At 12:11hrs Station 34 was dispatched for the Engine and manpower to standby at the Howells Fire Station. Howells was operating in the City of Middletown at a multiple alarm commercial building fire a...
Sun. Oct 11th 2020
At 07:48hrs Station 34 was dispatched to a motor vehicle accident at the intersection of Route 209 and County Route 163. 34-1, 34-2 and 34-11 found a bicyclist down upon arrival with minor injuries. T...
Sat. Sep 5th 2020
At 13:03hrs Station 34 was dispatched to assist Cuddebackville with a brush fire off Route 209. 34-51, 34-61 and 34-52 responded. Crews worked the leading edge of the fire with a foam line off 34-52. ...
Mon. Feb 10th 2020
At 22:03hrs Station 34 was dispatched for the Tanker to respond to a working fire in the Huguenot Fire District. 34-31 responded and went into the Tanker rotation. After several hours operating at the...
News Headlines
Sun. Jul 8th 2018
Station 34 held a mutual aid drill on Pump and Tanker Operations. Otisville, Cuddebackville, Summitville and Wurtsboro attended the training which involved 25 Firefighters. Drivers were able to work o...
Wed. Jun 20th 2018
The Engine and a crew attended a live burn drill in Summitville. 34-11 and 34-3 were used at a Tanker fill site. We had both new and older pump operators get some training time in.
Thu. Jun 7th 2018
Station 34 Officers and Members would like to welcome Mike Petitti to the Westbrookville Volunteer Fire Company. Firefighter Petitti comes with many years of experience as he served as a Firefighter w...
Tue. Feb 14th 2017
Station 34 hosted the February meeting of the Sullivan County Volunteer Firefighters Association. We would like to thank eveyone who came to the meeting last night. For more information on the Associa...
Mon. Feb 13th 2017
The Officers and Members would like to congratulate Firefighter Giraldi on his recent recertification of his New York State EMT. The recertification class ran from September through January at the Ora...
2006 Spartan 4 Wheel Drive/4 Guys Engine/Rescue
Spartan 4 Wheel Drive Advantage
-Seats 8
-400 HP Cummins ISC
-Allison 3060P
-Back Up Camera
-Whelen LED Warning Package/Arrow Stick
-Federal Q
-750w Brow Light

4 Guys Custom Stainless Steel Engine/Rescue
-Hale Q-Max 1500 GPM CAFS Pro
-4 Master Intake Valves
-1 LDH Discharge
-750/20 Gallon Water Tank
-8KW Harrison Hydraulic Generator/200' Cord Reel
-3500w Light Tower
-FireTech Scene Lighting
-Zico Ladder/Suction Racks
-Roll-Up Doors, Roll-Out Trays and LED Compartment Lighting

-5 Scott 30 min. 4.5 Air Packs/5 30 min. Spare Bottles
-Bullard TIC
-Scott 60 min. RIT Pack
-VHF/UHF Mobile
-5 VHF/UHF Portables
-CO Detector
-5 gallons Spare Class A
-Holmatro Rescue Tools. Cutter, Spreader and Ram
-JunkYard Dog Strut System
-Glass Master
-9500Lb. Portable Winch System
-1000' 4" LDH
-400' 3"
-750' 1.75" Attack Line
-Low Rise Pack 80' 1.75" Attack Line/Nozzle
-300' Forestry Line
-TFT Blitz Fire
-30' 6" and 3" Suction
-28'/14' Ground Ladders
-Multiple 4', 6' and 8' Hooks
-Multiple Halligans/Axes
-PPV Fan
-Smoke Ejector
-Cutters Edge Vent Saw
-Cutters Edge Rotary Saw
-Shovels/Pry Bars/Sledge Hammer/Broom
-Portable Lighting/Cord Reels
-Water Rescue Rope/PFDs
-EMS Equipment. AED, O2 and Trauma
-Traffic Control Signs/Equipment
-Bottled Drinking Water
1999 Freightliner/New Lexington Tanker/Engine
-Seats 3
-330HP Cummins ISC
-Allison 3060P
-Federal Q
-Rosco Backup Camera
-Brow Light
-Arrow Stick

New Lexington Custom Stainless Steel Tanker/Engine
-Waterous 1500 GPM/Foam Pro 2001
-2000/40 Gallon Water Tank
-2.5KW Gas Generator/150' Cord Reel
-Rear Electric Dump
-2 Rear Quick Fills
-2 LDH Discharges

-4 Scott 30 Min. 4.5 Air Packs
-4 30 Min. Spare Bottles
-VHF/UHF Mobile Radio
-2 VHF/UHF Portable Radios
-1000' 4" LDH
-150' 2.5"
-600' 1.75" Attack Line
-300' Forestry Line
-30' 6" and 3" Suction Hose
-24'/12' Ground Ladders
-Portable Lighting/Cord Reels
-Smoke Ejector
-Cutters Edge Vent Saw
-Set of Irons and Multiple Hooks
-Husqvarna Chain Saw
-EMS Equipment. O2 and Trauma
-Bottled Drinking Water
1999 Ford/Pierce Mini-Pumper
Ford F-450 4 Wheel Drive
-Seats 2
-7.3 Turbo Diesel with Exhaust Brake
-6 Speed Manual
-15000Lb. Front Winch

Pierce Aluminum Mini-Pumper
-Waterous 2 Stage 500 GPM
-Waterous Class A Foam System
-250 Gallon Water Tank
-20 Gallon Class A Foam Tank
-Hannay Electric Rewind Reel

-3 Scott 30 Min. Air Packs
-VHF/UHF Mobile Radio
-2 VHF/UHF Portable Radios
-Honda 2000w Gas Generator
-700' 3"
-450' 1.75" Attack Hose
-300' Forestry Line
-150' Booster Hose
-26' 4" Suction Hose
-Leaf Blower
-Husqvarna Chain Saw
-Pike Poles/Halligan/Axes
-Highway Cones
-EMS Equipment. AED, O2, Trauma, Suction and Immobilazation.
-Water Rescue Rope/PFDs
-Bottled Drinking Water
2017 Kubota RTV/Kimtek Wildland Vehicle
Kubota RTV 4 Wheel Drive
-Seats 2
-22HP Diesel
-Hydostatic Transmission
-Portable Winch System
-Whelen LED Lighting

-Darley 85 GPM Pump
-75 Gallon Water Tank
-5 Gallon Class A Foam Tank
-Scotty Class A Foam System
-50' Booster Line
-Patient Transport Area

-400' 1" Forestry Hose
-2 Leaf Blowers
-2 Chain Saws
-Trauma/o2 Bag
-VHF/UHF Radio
-Suction Hose
2019 Ford F-350/Knapheide/10-75 Emergency Vehicles
2019 Ford F-350 4x4 STX with 8' Fisher Plow
-V-8 Gas
-Seats 5

10-75 Emergency Vehicles
-Custom Front Console
-Soundoff Signal Emergency Lighting/Amber For Plowing
-Soundoff Scene Lighting
-Kussmaul Battery Conditioner/Auto Eject
-Rosco Backup Camera
-VHF/UHF Mobile Radio

Knapheide Body painted/installed by Levan Truck Equipment
-AED, O2 and Trauma
-2 VHF/UHF Portables
-Chain Saw
-Water Rescue Rope/PFDs
-Water/Dry Chem Extinguishers
-Tool Box
-Set of Irons
-Bolt Cutters
-Streamlight Scene Lighting
-Streamlight Hand Lights
-Stokes Basket
-Step Chocks
-Traffic Control Signs/Cones
-Speedy Dry
-Bottled Drinking Water
2004 Chevy Suburban/Mobile Fleet Conversion
-4 Wheel Drive
-Seats 5

Mobile Fleet Conversion
-Custom Console
-Custom Rear Cabinets
-Whelen Strobe/LED Warning Lights
-Arrow Stick
-Shore Line

-VHF/UHF Band Mobile
-AED, O2 and Trauma
-1 Scott 4.5/30 Min
-Highway Cones
-Bottled Water
-Hand Light

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